Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm wore out!

And plum tired!
This week has been wild! Business has been booming, dad is down with the flu, and I've been running back and forth from bedroom to office, transferring files, printing large graphics, saving files, sending files...yeesh... news..I've invited to give a talk to about 15 girl scouts, all in about 1st grade....exciting huh? So I'll get a little packet of info together for each girl, make up a couple posters on butterflies and type up what I want to talk to the girls about...I'll probably talk about the life cycle, and the difference between butterflies and moths. The group leader said she could order in some butterflies for the girls to release, I'll probably suggest a craft for the girls to do as well...and I may even join up...I can be a girl scout until I'm 18...I'm thinking it could be fun....I'm told they have a sock-hop coming up soon...I have a poodle skirt...haha...and the black and white shoes...:P

So tonight I have a bunch of kitchen towels to make up for grandma, she asked for them about a month or so ago...I'm so ashamed..sure she said "take your time" but I'm not sure she meant 1-2 months!

ooh and I could take my butterfly books along, let the girls look through them...maybe..that could be a bit much and I don't know what my time limit is...I'm actually very excited about this...though I dislike talking to large groups of people...I think I can handle a bunch of first graders...hopefully they will stay interested, and I won't bore them....ha ha I'm going to try and make it really interesting, fun and informative...if I do it right..they'll learn more in one evening about butterflies then the average person knows...:P

anyways...not that much up with me....I've been running, doing this and that for dad and mom...but that's about it....I've gt some sewing projects to get X-mas presents, plus a Thank-you present and another present...yeesh....I need to get to work...I have to make 72 12.5in squares....which will be enough for 2 6x6foot quilts..which I will then need to quilt...which I'll probably do by hand....yikes...I need to hurry.....

~The Bella Modiste~

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Bonne said...

Naomi, Georgann has a quilt batting that she's been trying to give away (from work~bag was ripped) Did you see that she mentioned that? Don't know if she's found a home yet.