Saturday, September 29, 2007


fun fun stuff...
Wednesday I think it was I got an awesome box full of everything from fabric to lace from dear sweet Bonne over at MJF...there were zippers, books, lace, fabric, and patterns all stuffed into an itty bitty box..I tell you..that woman can pack a box to over flowing...I couldn't fit everything back in to the box when I had slowly looked at everything! ha ha
Then today I got in my patchwork purses book from Emily at MJF along with a ton of zippers....I bartered with her for those goodies....
Also today mom and I went garage saling..I got bunches of fun stuff...4 quilting book, a think Daisy Kingdom iron on transfers book, a few doilies to use as pockets on aprons, and the best bit...several uncut pieces of Belgian is beautiful....and great can feel it....ha ha
and wouldn't ya know it..I haven't taken pictures yet...haha...but..I'll try to do that tomorrow when it is light I can open my window and not have to use the flash....well....I probably oughta get my bed made...and clean up my room some and start a sewing...heheh
~The Bella Modiste~


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun garage sales are!
As Forest Gump said, its like a box of chocolates you never know
what you come up with.
My sister bought a framed picture for 25cents and it is worth
$1000. She had it apprasied.
Keep sailing. GW

Bonne said...

LOL!!! Yeah, I wanted you to get your $$'s worth from the flat rate shipping, so took advantage of every sq. inch of space!! Hope you can use some of it! Hug, Bonne

Nin said...

oooh, sounds like you found some great treasure, congrats :)