Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will ya miss me?

I thought I'd let everyone know, that I'll be gone for the next two weeks starting tomorrow, it has been two weeks since I last posted, so it shouldn't matter too much that I'll be off for another two weeks, eh?
I'll have lots of photos when I get back, so stay tuned!
~The Bella Modiste

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lost World Giveaway

Jayedee over at Life in the Lost World is having a giveaway for a $25 giftcard for Ideal Poultry.
You can enter by telling her your favorite chicken breed. My favorite chicken breed, least of my two babies, is the Americana.
~The Bella Modiste

Monday, March 3, 2008

OOOOH!! Look what I made!

Right, so I know this is a bit late, I finished this, a week ago, and am just now posting pictures!

What we have here, is a lovely but sturdy canvas tote, with a great red and white polka dot liner(I'll get better pics once the weather clears up...) not to mention the ribbon! and the mushrooms, cant forget those, the visual point of the whole bag! I've got another similar design to make up, just have to get time to actually sew! Please, let me know what you think!

Close-up of the design...

The ribbon embellished top, and ribbon tie closure...

The whole bag....

Oh gosh..what a day! I *almost* lost my dear dear sweet Penny today...I was going outside with a tray of newly sprouting plants, and heard/saw commotion in one of the flower beds, I look over and I see this huge pair of wings...maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I swear they were 4-5 feet...., I see this blur of brown go running towards the bushes. The huge wings(all I really saw, it happened so fast, in a few seconds) take off up into the tree, I run into the yard looking for Goldie, mom comes running out, she has seen my frantic searching, I can't find her, finally here she is, I find her, huddled under the bushes, scared and eyes wild.
Then I realize, oh no....Penny is missing!

I'm looking in the bushes, she is the color of dead leaves, I look in the lilies, mom finds feathers, lots of feathers...feathers from Penny, so many feathers, no blood, just feathers. No tears, Mom is crying, I kick the tree, the fence, the chair, then run to clean the chicken cages, and get the ducks in, I go to catch the *remaining* chicken, hear a small bird in the bushes, look, and....There she is...huddled under the bush, the whites of her eyes showing, scared so bad,
I grab her, run in, wrap her in a towel, take her to the bathroom, and check her over, no blood, no scratches, no blood! a huge section of feathers missing from her neck, but she is fine! The wild birds didn't start flying around again for about an hour, so I'm guessing Mr.Hawk was waiting around, hoping to get another shot at an easy meal....No tears, no, I don't have a heart of stone, I just keep things in, finally though, tears of relief, I almost lost my dear sweet Penny, but she's Ok dear sweet baby, who runs across the yard to jump in my lap and get cuddled, My show worthy girl(picture above is old...I'll get some more of her soon, she is gorgeous, missing feathers and all!)....

Ok....had to get it out....Thanks for reading! :D
~The Bella Modiste

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Busy!

First up we have Collin! Our newest "family"
member! He is a Mini Schnauzer, and is
the sweetest best behaved puppy
I've seen yet!
Next, we have a hand embroidered hanky.
Which I made for an online swap, I used a vintage pattern for this, and LOVE how it turned out!
Then I made 8 felt flower pins, for yet another swap! I'll get 7 different ones back, and the 8th will go to Mary Jane as well as two other dear farmgirls on the MJ site.

The next thing I've fresh bread...whole wheat yeast bread...after you've had really good homemade bread, you can forget eating store bought bread, this stuff certainly beats that by a long shot! actually know what you are putting in that mixing bowl! And if you store it right, it will last...make two loaves, slice one and store in a Tupperware container, wrap the extra in plastic wrap, and store in the fridge until the first loaf is gone.....
Also....if when you are down making the cinnamon rolls(below) and you have some extra cinnamon/sugar/butter mixture left....spread it on a piece of warm fresh bread.....ooooooooh its fabulous!
(P.S. these aren't my prettiest loaves, but I think they are the biggest yet!)

Short posts tonight, lots to do, I'll be going away soon on vacation, but I'll try to update more before I leave, and maybe I'll get some pictures of my craft room posted, now that it has been rearranged and all. Note: anyone who is expecting email from me(you know who you are) I will email soon, just give me some time...ha ha, so much to do before my trip!
oooh, and I've gotten the Valentines Day mini aprons from a swap I did, but I haven't gotten pictures yet, I joined the Western swap, but forgot to get pictures of those before I boxed them up... they aren't super special, just red fabric w/ a cut out and stitched on diamond, 5 w/ a cowgirl, 2 sets of 5 w/ 2 different cowboys and one other set of 5 w/ lassos and some wording(for the life of me I can't remember what it says!)
also blue denim ties, I had just enough for both aprons and ties in the way of fabric, and boy, I sure cut it close...I feel so bad...cause they are due to the swap moms house on Tuesday, but they aren't getting shipped til Monday, I am NEVER late...this is an outrage! they'll probably get there Wednesday though, seeing as how the lady lives in the same state...ha ha...
~The Bella Modiste

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Busy Busy! (part two)

Now a hint of something to come tomorrow! I'm VERY excited about this little project, and will get them finished up and photographed in the next few days, and of course listed in my Etsy store(for of course they are something to sell!)
I finished one tonight, and it is just soooo cute! That polka dot ribbon really does the trick!

And here is one of three things I won recently from the One World One Heart Giveaway(see previous post) Karen from Pockets in my Hearts sent me this adorable art doll! how cute is she? I LOVE her dress!

And Shelley from Nahia Creations sent me a bar of her fab smelling Chocolate Espresso soap, as well as some lip balm in a glorious Peppermint Lemongrass about a yummy smelling package!

Now I must of course brag about these......fresh made cinnamon from the oven, coated in a glaze of icing, filled with sugar and cinnamon, don't forget the raisins.....mouth watering yet?
So the other day(um..week or two ago) I made up a huge double batch of these...we are taking a little over 60 rolls....and froze them....with 5 people....two rolls per kinda go through them fast! We are down to the bottom of the second and last container....:D....must mean they are yummy....We go through these much faster then whole wheat bread or even cinnamon swirl bread.....maybe its the icing? You wouldn't believe how good these are compared to those pre-packaged, dough bits that you cook yourself...or those ones that are pre-cooked....
So anyways..yes...if you've got two hours to kill one yourself a favor and find a good recipe for these babies(maybe if enough people ask, I'll share mine(after my trip) me....your mouth will thank you, only downside...the scale will start lieing....rofl

~The Bella Modiste