Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

OOOOH I'm SO excited! I entered a whole bunch of giveaways, on this site called "One World, One Heart"
AND guess WHAT!?
I won two! A doll from Karen at Pockets in My Heart
Don't forget to check out her Etsy shop, here! She sells some delicious looking fabric packs!
Now the doll is a surprise for me, as far as I can tell, it is not the one pictured on her blog, so it will be a lovely surprise! I loved the one she showed and can not wait for this one to arrive!

And the next thing I won, was some awesome sounding soap from Shelley at Nahia Creations

Chocolate Espresso Soap, how yummy does that sound!? She has an Etsy store as well and you can see it here! I would advise any and all to check it out, her photos make the soap look practically edible!

And hot diggity dog! I finally figured out the while "link" thing....never thought to look at the list of buttons at the!

So, I shall stalk to poor mailman until all my expected packages arrive, from the drawing coming from Spain to the lovely, lovely gifts from the wonderfully talented bloggers!

Story of the Spanish drawing, I had seen an amazing drawing back around October, and marked it as a Favorite on Etsy, come around November, I saw that it had sold, and was so disappointed, I emailed the artist(A wonderful young woman to work with) and she offered to do another for me, just like the first. I unfortunately, didn't have the funds to buy it at the time, but she so kindly said I could ask again once I could get it, so this past month, I asked again, and just a few days later she had the new painting listed and ready! Raquel is an incredibly sweet person to work with and if you get a chance I would LOVE for you to check out her store!
Here is what she made up for me! Isn't it just perfect!? I love it, and can not wait for it to reach my mailbox! It's been in the mail for about a week now, so it should be in within next week! I'm SO excited! And still have not decided exactly where I should put it!(ooh and check her blog as well! being as she is in Spain, most of her post is made in Spanish, but being the sweet girl she is, she translates it for us that are too lazy to learn to read more then one language!)

OOH! I got another picture too, gotta buy a frame for it yet...It is SO cute! I think I scared the mailman when I went running out, I had peeked out the window, and saw that he had a box! I ran out, grabbed the mail, said a quick hi, then bye, and ran back in....rofl....poor guy!
Again, DUDADAZE, wonderful woman to work with(also, check out her blog), please, check her shop out when you get a chance! Right now, most of her stuff is in her "sold" section, but it is such wonderful fun to look at, and wish that you'd gotten the art first! Haha! Now, when she does update her store, you must act quickly, because it doesn't last long! And as good as both LaMaga and DUDADAZE are, you must buy their art while you can still afford it, these women will one day be fabulously rich and famous!

Anyways, That's all for today folks!
~The Bella Modiste

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's project

Not much new today really, started raining around 4 this evening, and the weather was really dreary all day.
I washed laundry, made no attempts to clean my room, went to class at 7, came home and watched "Good Bye, Lenin"(foreign films, gotta love 'em! beware:rated R, parents be prepared with "close your eyes!"(don't worry, I did), and then worked on a hanky for a swap I joined, in other words a very lazy, uneventful day! Tomorrow will hopefully be much more productive! Like maybe an apron(people seem to love 'em!) or maybe I'll finish that laced vest I cut out, several weeks ago. And perhaps a purse or two! ooh best not make my list too long or I'll end up not getting anything done! ROFL ooh and hey, if it is sunny out, I'll try and get a picture of my WIP hanky! It is turning out really really pretty! looks very delicate and well...pretty!
Alrighty...I know, boring post today, I'm sorry!
No pictures today either, but like I said, I'll try to remedy that tomorrow!
~The Bella Modiste

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh dear me! I've been tagged-AGAIN!

Well..I was 11 days ago....and shame on me..I've delayed doing this..I'm horrid at we go though

Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you..Autumn(

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7 RANDOM facts about me????? YIKES!


1. I break out when I consume high fructose corn syrup(hey, it said random!)
2.I love Skittles(but the above happens when I eat em!)
3.I procrastinate.....alot!
4.I love to sew(no duh!?)
5.I get excited when I get ANY comments on this here blog.
6.My handwriting is barely readable
7.I hoard fabric, and am running out of storage...:(

ok...whew! I did it!! who to reads tagged! HA! there we go! that was easy!...
ok....I'm tired now....but first...
What I've been working

a surprise for my grandparents 50th annivarsary(Happy Anniversary guys!)(pictures when it is finished and presented to them)

I made two aprons, one I designed, one from an unused vintage/antique pattern.(pics below)
I have yet to make a donkey(vintage pattern) as well as 8 felt pins and an whole bunch of western styled mini aprons...whew! not to mention I need to restock my Etsy store!
oh! And a hankerchief.....haha, so that is 3 swaps, 1 order, and restocking...sounds
like I need to get busy!

Here we have to "made from a vintage pattern" a size small, but I was able to adjust it up to a medium for this picture, as well as for the person who bought it.

This one is the one I made without a pattern, so to a point, I can say I designed it I suppose, haha, but really, the whole stretched out "V" design has been around a while!

So I guess for today that is about it...I'll be working on some things soon, so will be sure to take pictures, and hey....maybe I'll start posting everyday....don't go gettin' your hopes up though! :D


~The Bella Modiste