Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok Ok, I know, I've been terrible about keeping my blog up...
What have I been up to! Well first off, I made a ton of aprons, 4 exclusive patterns for Napafarmhouse 1885 . Here is my page where you can find a link to the aprons for sale. You won't find these babies anywhere else(unless somebody copies me...*looks suspiciously around*)

oooh and I totally got featured on a blog!!!
Etsy Spaces by Renee from ReneesPaperandYarn over on Etsy. I tell you, she has got some rockin' necklaces! This Aqua one is gorgeous!! She puts some serious love and time into her work, and it really shows!

Anyways, made a petticoat Monday, and will finish an apron to come.

After I finished the Aprons for Napafarmhouse, I took a two week break from sewing(eeek!!!!!...that was scary...) to help dad(somehow *looks innocent* he may have cracked a rib...WHAT!? he started it! and technically *I* didn't do it! he landed on the game controller! *ahem*) with his business, loading the heavy rolls of vinyl on the machine, as well as learning the ins and outs of graphics design. The I was helping mom finish painting the hallway, the trim, the bloody scalloped trim(against the wallpaper I add, so we couldn't tape it off) , took....15 blooming hours....I am so done with painting...Maybe I'll let this kid do my next room...rofl

Alright...I'm off, and tomorrow I'll check my site tracking...yeah..thats right...I'm watching no really...I got that Google Analytics thing....its awesome! I had a grand total of 7 visitors on the 10th...:D

21 visits from NC since the 3rd...hmmmmm....anyone I know? rofl....sorry I haven't updated much! yeeesh! 3 visits a day, for three days.....rofl...I'll try to do better...sorry....:P

anywho...Hopefully pictures tomorrow, provided it doesn't rain anymore...whaaa....but we needed it, so I shouldn't complain...

~The Bella Modiste!


Beverly said...

Adorable aprons, HAVE been a busy gal!!

napa farmhouse 1885 said...

we are honored and proud to have exclusive patterns from naomi. the aprons are the coolest ever..and we have already sold a few..
looking forward to a long and profitable experience!
diane padoven
napa farmhouse 1885
"live a green life of style"

Bella Modiste said...

Thanks Bev and Diane!

GardenGoose said...

you have been given an award. stop by to see.