Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Busy!

First up we have Collin! Our newest "family"
member! He is a Mini Schnauzer, and is
the sweetest best behaved puppy
I've seen yet!
Next, we have a hand embroidered hanky.
Which I made for an online swap, I used a vintage pattern for this, and LOVE how it turned out!
Then I made 8 felt flower pins, for yet another swap! I'll get 7 different ones back, and the 8th will go to Mary Jane as well as two other dear farmgirls on the MJ site.

The next thing I've fresh bread...whole wheat yeast bread...after you've had really good homemade bread, you can forget eating store bought bread, this stuff certainly beats that by a long shot! actually know what you are putting in that mixing bowl! And if you store it right, it will last...make two loaves, slice one and store in a Tupperware container, wrap the extra in plastic wrap, and store in the fridge until the first loaf is gone.....
Also....if when you are down making the cinnamon rolls(below) and you have some extra cinnamon/sugar/butter mixture left....spread it on a piece of warm fresh bread.....ooooooooh its fabulous!
(P.S. these aren't my prettiest loaves, but I think they are the biggest yet!)

Short posts tonight, lots to do, I'll be going away soon on vacation, but I'll try to update more before I leave, and maybe I'll get some pictures of my craft room posted, now that it has been rearranged and all. Note: anyone who is expecting email from me(you know who you are) I will email soon, just give me some time...ha ha, so much to do before my trip!
oooh, and I've gotten the Valentines Day mini aprons from a swap I did, but I haven't gotten pictures yet, I joined the Western swap, but forgot to get pictures of those before I boxed them up... they aren't super special, just red fabric w/ a cut out and stitched on diamond, 5 w/ a cowgirl, 2 sets of 5 w/ 2 different cowboys and one other set of 5 w/ lassos and some wording(for the life of me I can't remember what it says!)
also blue denim ties, I had just enough for both aprons and ties in the way of fabric, and boy, I sure cut it close...I feel so bad...cause they are due to the swap moms house on Tuesday, but they aren't getting shipped til Monday, I am NEVER late...this is an outrage! they'll probably get there Wednesday though, seeing as how the lady lives in the same state...ha ha...
~The Bella Modiste

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knitting bean said...

Your bread looks great, but you actually have to store fresh bread at your house? We sometimes make a batch of bread that yields three loaves, and storage has never been an issue... L has made a sandwich on fresh bread before, and had a couple slices of fresh buttered bread on the side! Can't keep the stuff around! And Collin is an adorable little fuzz-ball! Too Cute!

Bella Modiste said...

Yes, unfortunatly, we do have to store it...ugh...I made bread, and we still have two almost whole loaves! I hate that! when I first started making it, it was gone in about three days...

Collin is the cutest puppy, but he scratched my face today...argh...soap and water...and jokes about bacteria making it look like a pirate scar....rofl...nice..