Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the Winner is.....



I'll email you for your address and get this out to you ASAP!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

~The Bella Modiste

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A post about a giveaway and a skirt...

Soo...lets pictures! Lots of pictures today!

First off...this funky dude...goes by "dad" around here...agreed to let me post a picture from his photo shoot the other day.... He designed the skateboard graphics last week, and was posing for his Etsy shop listing...trying to get the whole "cool teen" look going, but that happens to be his usual outfit...though the sneakers are often exchanged for flip-flops....Yes, that really is my father.

And I finally got this skirt done, I'll make a listing in my shop soon, for the skirt, but a custom one, made to fit up to a certain size...(probably whatever will fit in my adjustable dress form...maybe...I dunno yet...:)...anyways, I had dad make me some vinyl stencils of gears, which don't show to well in the pictures, but look really nice in RL....painted them with a gold paint(which now I think about it, I'm not sure it was *fabric* I'll need to get and try out some *real* fabric paint...but the above skirt is mine..all the picture it is over my white, too long petticoat(you can't see it hiked all the way to the bust under the vest...:D) so it hangs a bit *flatter* without the extra layer under it...I'll be making an underskirt later specifically for this design.

And now! The moment you've all been waiting for!

It is time for the giveaway! (This is open to US residents only) To enter...just comment...:P....
You'll get a set of 4 machine quilted coasters made of music note and checkerboard print fabric with a cotton batting sandwiched in between and bound with checkerboard binding...and maybe I'll add another small something to the package......
I'll draw a name out of a hat...on...Tuesday Sept. 16th and announce the winner that next day.
So you've got a week to enter!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well look at that!

I want to thank Tina (A.K.A. Mom) of "Garden Goose" for awarding me the "E for Excellence" Blog Award....
...for receiving the "E for Excellence" award..I am to in turn bestow this award upon 10 bloggers that inspire, or that have a sense of "community"... blogs that are downright cool and inspiring,and just plain fun.
So......lets see....
1. Kristy at "This Bean Knits"
2. Aunt George at "Aunt George's House"
4. Kate at " Little Green Designs"
6. Tess at "Made by Tess"
7. Nin at "Peachy Hollow"
10. Emily at "The Black Apple"
alright! I think that about does it! I do hate having to pick just a few people out of all the blogs i have saved.......
Gustav passed us right by, we didn't even really get rain from it, just a few drizzles...
anyways, its about time to get my two chickens in....(I think I mentioned that we have given Goldie and Marigold(now Albert Einstein) to some friends, to simplify, as well as prevent Goldie from angering our dear neighbors....she has a lovely habit of sounding like a very loud parrot early in the she went with the duck to live on 40+ acres in AL...
~The Bella Modiste