Monday, January 21, 2008

Farmgirl Flair on Etsy!

Just in time for Valentine's Day shopping - Farmgirl Flair's Handmade With Heart!! Check out our Etsy shops for beautiful Valentine's offerings or put FGF in the search box on Etsy to see all of the Farmgirl goodies. Shop now through February 7th to ship in time for gift giving to your special Sweetheart!
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh my goodness!!! I've been tagged!!!

WOW! This is a first for me!!!!
One of my blogging/farmgirl friends, Denise,( ) tagged me for a game. Thanks Denise!

This is my first time being tagged, so bear with me...haha

These are the RULES:Link to the person that tagged you.

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7 random and/or weird facts about me;

1. I love old movies( Fred and Ginger ROCK!).
2. My hair is so long it has less then a foot to go before it reaches the floor.
3. I dislike wearing socks, unless I'm wearing shoes with them.
4. I don't like large crowds of people.
5. I have an online store.
6. I DID make resolutions this year.
7. I dislike onions.

alrighty..I think that was random!!

now to tag 7 others...boy oh boy!

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